Ahmadinejad slams Iranian establishment for economic pressures

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: With all these economic pressures on people, don’t you feel bad? Do you sleep well at night? You just make promises to people, but have no plans? Iran is rich. Free all the wealth to people so that they can work. You have kept the country in recession for five years and whatever you do, it makes the recession worse. The desire for power and strengthening power is so high in some people that it has made them deaf. All of us, all 80 million Iranians, know that there are plenty of problems. The condition isn’t good. Those who are on top give no plans for improving the condition. If they have any ideas, it is all in their minds – ideas that are never spoken or practiced. They have no plans, and whoever makes a move in the country to make reforms, they slur him, stop him and arrest him. It seems that revolution, country, the establishment are all there, and these few people own them all. They do whatever they want, and the rest of 80 million people have no right! Who gave you the right to destroy it and then confront anyone who objects to you? What should we do for living in this country? Are people guilty just because they are citizens of Iran? Does it mean we have to tolerate everything? Does it mean that you [officials] too are suffering? Does that mean that you too are suffering from economic problems? Which one of you? Just let us know which one of you [is suffering from economic pressures]. We made a revolution so that penniless people come to the government and then become rich, living in the northern part of the city and under 100 billion tomans be their change! Was this supposed to happen? Some people suffer, sacrifice their children, their lives, their health that somebody like me come [into the government] penniless, and leave it super rich? Was this supposed to happen? How should we criticize you so you don’t call it ‘propaganda against the establishment’, ‘measures against national security’, and ‘insulting the officials’? How should we criticize you? You yourselves write a few pages and give them to us so we can read from them whenever we have any objections! However you criticize them, they immediately brand you this or that. Recently they have learned that as soon as somebody tells this or that judge that ‘you are doing injustice’, they file three lawsuits against you for just one word! One is insulting the officials, one is propaganda against the establishment, one is agitating… And there will be three courts. Enough is enough! If such things would help somebody to stay in power, then you wouldn’t be here. Why don’t you look at history? You are destroying your own houses by your own hands. Obviously, you are not abiding by the constitution; you are not abiding by people’s rights; you are not abiding by freedom. Then what are you looking for?