Khamenei: we won’t negotiate with U.S


Ali Khamenei, Iranian supreme leader

 [Following U.S. President Trump’s suggestion for unconditional talk with Iran, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei rejects any possible negotiation with the current U.S. administration.]

 Ali Khamenei: If the government of Islamic Republic ever wants to negotiate with the U.S. administration, it will never be with the current administration of America. Everybody should know it — our politicians, our diplomats, our highly motivated youths, our students in the political fields — everybody should know that negotiating with the U.S. bullying, highly demanding administration is not a leverage for defusing enmity. Negotiation cannot defuse the U.S. enmity. Negotiation is a leverage for the U.S. to enforce enmity. This is a certain equation. Our experience confirms it, and different political considerations prove that. Some say, let’s negotiate to lessen the enmity. Negotiation will not lessen the enmity. Negotiation is a leverage to enforce more enmity. So, we won’t negotiate!