Where is the missing money?

Gholam Hossein Ejei, spokesperson of Iranian judiciary branch

[An Iranian lawmaker, Ezatollah Youssefian Mola, said recently that $9 billion from the foreign currency that was allocated at governmental rate has gone missing. In this footage, Gholam Hossein Ejei, spokesperson of Iranian judiciary branch, denies it, calling it a “misunderstanding”.]

Gholam Hossein Ejei: Certainly, this is not true. Unfortunately, some current statesmen used to say it about the 10th government that $18 billion was missing. This is absolutely not true. No $18 billion was missing then, nor is it missing now. Someone might say that he doesn’t know what has happened. You might say you don’t know what has happened. “I don’t know” doesn’t mean that it [the money] has gone missing. Anyway, what I’m trying to say – and everyone agrees with it – is that there has been a violation. But it isn’t this amount. It is very much less than this amount. This $9 billion isn’t missing either. Some people have registered their orders. Perhaps the currency has not been allocated or not provided, or the currency has been allocated but not provided, or it has been allocated and provided but the goods haven’t entered the country yet. They still have time. And their time isn’t over yet.