Iran unveils new ballistic missiles

Reporter: Fateh Mobin is the new member of family of Fateh 110, Fateh 113, and Zolfaghar missiles. These strategic missiles can be launched from the surface and sea. Our tactical, Iranian missile has guiding warhead and is smart. It follows the target until it is destroyed. Fateh mobin is agile which means it can become operative quickly. It is stealth which means it can hide from radars.

Defense minister: Fateh Mobin is precision-guided and is very resistant against electronic warfare. It can operate in different environments.

Reporter: Our missile is domestic. It is designed by Iranians and its design and performance is much better than its foreign counterparts such as Irene. Aero-Space experts of defense ministry spent hundreds of hours to accomplish this from idea to design. And they brought this missile to the cycle of production.

Reporter: And when Fateh Mobin enters the domain of production, it means that it has passed the field tests. And good news from the defense minister:

Defense minister: When we achieved this technology, it means that we can easily extend it to other families [of missiles]. Probably very soon I will be here to tell you that we have installed it on Zolfaghar.