Iran commemorates exemplary martyr!

[IRIB report about the commemoration of the so-called martyrs in Syria. Iran is accused of meddling in the Syrian war and backing its brutal dictator Bashar Assad who is accused of murdering his own people.]

Reporter: Successor to IRGC commander, in commemoration ceremony of Shahid Morteza Hosseinpour Shalmani, said today all enemies of Islamic Iran are trying to make the Iranian nation dependent and frustrated, but their childish ideas will not come true. Brigadier-General Hossein Salami said the enemy is after defeating Iran with the economic war, but the Iranian nation will stand against all enemies’ attacks by relying on the power of faith in God and following the supreme leader’s goals. He added:

–They want to defeat us with the dollar. We will break them with our faith.

Reporter: Successor to IRGC commander pointed out the loyalty of Iranian people to the supreme leader, urging:

–The Iranian people have realized that they must be loyal to a leader who thinks of their independence, their honor, their dignity, their progress and their welfare, and whose concern day and night is that this nation must not be harmed in a confrontation with the enemy.

Brigadier-General Hossein Salami pointed out to moral virtues of Shahid Hosseinpour Shalmani, saying this martyr was a genius commander. He said that Shahid Hosseinpour not only made proud the Iran people who are known for their love of Ahl Al Bayt but was also the cause of honor for all Iranian people and Islamic community. Shahid Morteza Hosseinpour Shalmani, known as Hossein Qomi, was martyred in a fight with Takfiri terrorist group of ISIS in Syria on August 7, 2017. He was the commander of Heydariyoun headquarters in Syria and was introduced as the exemplary martyr of 2018.

–We must always remember the martyrs in our hearts.

–Everything we have is because of the martyrs.

–It is our duty to take part in this ceremony for martyrs.

–As a father of a martyr, I thank them all.

Reporter: Shahid Morteza Hosseinpour Shalmani and other martyrs of defenders of shrine risked their lives in a foreign land, sacrificing their lives so that no danger would ever threaten this nation, this establishment, and this Islamic land.