Iran seeks to renovate Old Russian fighter jets!

[Iran tries to make up for its own shortcomings in the air force by upgrading old Russian fighter jets.]

TV anchor: Ten Sukhoi 22 fighter jets that were optimized and upgraded by IRGC Aero-Space forces were unveiled in Shiraz in the presence of IRGC commander-in-chief. Sukhoi 22’s capabilities include: carrying Simorgh smart, precision cluster bombs, air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, and transmitting data from drones in the air from several kilometers.

–Because spare parts such as bombs, missiles, and equipment that would add to the capabilities of the aircraft were not given to Iran, domestic specialists could achieve them, and we could install them. Now, these aircraft are as good as new.

–Full smart facilities, weapon systems, and smart weapon control make this aircraft completely different from what it was.

TV anchor: Major General Jafari, IRGC commander, pointed out to recent remarks of the U.S. officials, saying that during past 40 years Americans have had no success in the region, and all their plans have failed.