“Trump is not worthy of negotiating”!

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

[Following the U.S. President Trump’s suggestion for an unconditional talk with Iran, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif calls Trump “unworthy” of negotiation. While Iranian people are suffering from massive economic problems, Iranian officials have a war of word with President Trump.]

Zarif: How can one negotiate with this person? They must show that it is worth the time that one spends on negotiating with them.

Reporter: Foreign minister says that Americans want to take advantage of the currency market for themselves.

Zarif: Incidents in the currency market did not happen in the currency shops. It took place in the media. It happened on the Internet. I am not an economist. But the facts on the ground – i.e. the level of our exports and our foreign currency revenue – are much more than all our real and unreal need for import – from goods to services and even luxury products. How did that happen? It happened in the cyberspace, and it was U.S. policy to make it happen. That is why they are playing with it. One day he [Trump] says he wants to talk; another day he says we will do something to you the like of which no one has ever seen. Look at how they are zigzagging in just a couple of days. This is just to play with the public opinion.