Regime official boasts about execution of Kurdish nuclear scientist

The spokesperson of the Judiciary, Hussein Mohseni Ajei says, “Let me reveal a few details regarding the execution of Shahram Amiri [an Iranian Kurdish nuclear scientist]. This person, because of his access to highly confidential and top secrets of the regime, was building ties and   collaborating with   our hostile enemy, with our first enemy, which is the Great Satan [United State of America]. He was giving critical and completely secret information of the regime to the enemy.”

Ajei adds, “In one of these cases, America was surprised and caught red-handed by our intelligence service. And if God wills it, at an appropriate time, our intelligence service will release the details of how America’s intelligence service was trapped and caught red-handed in this case.”

Ajei continues, “They [America’s intelligence service] imagined that Iran was unaware of him, of what he was doing and with whom he was connected and how by making plan they [America’s intelligence service] transferred him to Saudi Arabia and finally how they sent him to the USA. They thought this was ignored by our intelligence service; however all these things were   under the microscope of the Iranian intelligence service.”