IRIB beats the drums of war in Yemen

Ebrahim Deylami, member of Yemeni Ansar Allah [Houthis Militia]

 [Iran state-run TV interviews member of Yemeni Ansar Allah [Houthis militia], who threatens to target Saudi Arabia and UAE.]

 Ebrahim Deylami: Political-military leaders of Yemen have decided to target all vital, sensitive locations and oil regions within Saudi Arabia and Emirates from now on. Our factories and facilities have been destroyed. Our ports and airports have been destroyed. So, our enemies ought to be sure that this condition can no longer be tolerated. From now on, no place will be safe in these two countries. Sensitive military, political, economic centers and military bases in Jeddah and Riyadh are within the range of our missiles and drones. Also, oil wells and foreign companies that help the enemy will no longer be safe. From now on, the war will enter a new phase. In the past, the Barakah nuclear power plant in Emirates was targeted. This shows that the Yemenis are determined in targeting vital, sensitive economic locations in Saudi Arabia and Emirates.