Iranians pollute the Gulf, but fight over its name!

Iranian TV host, Reza Rashidpour

[Iranian TV host, Reza Rashidpour, criticizes Iranians for being hypocritical when it comes to the Gulf: they are enraged if anyone calls it Arabian Gulf, but destroy it in actuality by dumping trash and sewage into it.]

Rashidpour: Every now and then, some people say Arabian Gulf. Then we become full of rage and rush to the Internet, asking who it was who said the Persian Gulf. Show them to me. And then we all become Aryans, and talk about the forever Persian Gulf! Then when the wave goes down, we dump sewage into the Persian Gulf. Go and take a look at the Persian Gulf from this side, and see what we are doing to it! I am talking about us, and I can’t criticize the officials here. We go to the seaside, and smoke hookah, eat some seeds and throw the shells away, trash, bottles of mineral water, bags of cheeseballs, remains of the food. I have seen it with my own eyes. This means that the Persian Gulf is only for the Internet. No one should say the Arabian Gulf there. Otherwise, it is what it is in reality: we or the officials just push sewage into the Gulf.