Opening the office of Zakzaky in Mashhad

Reporter: With presence of Tehran’s interim Friday prayer leader and a number of ulama of Islamic world, the office of Sheikh Zakzaky, leader of Nigerian Shi’as, was opened in Mashhad.

–This office is created to tell the people of the world about all activities [of Nigerian Islamic movement] and to take the Islamic movement in Nigeria out of isolation. It will inform the world of what is happening in Nigeria to Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic movement.

Reporter: Tehran’s interim Friday prayer leader, in this ceremony, called Sheikh Zakzaky’s movement like that of Ashura, saying that the wave due to the measures of this mujahid scholar made millions of Africans to return to their divine nature and has been a strike on the tyrants of the time.

–In a short period of time, with his pure breath, perseverance, cultural efforts, and soft war [he managed to succeed]. Sheikh Zakzaky himself was in charge of the soft war and his children were its first victims. So God made him dear to us. He connected so many hearts with the truth.

Reporter: On December 13, 2015, with the raid of Nigerian army on Sheikh Zakzaky’s Hussainiya and house, his family were arrested and martyred, and more than 1000 Nigerian Shi’as were martyred as well.

–He always talks of supporting the poor people of Palestine and the oppressed people in the world. He talks of people waking up – Islamic awakening. And that is why the enemies always attack him.

Reporter: Sheikh Zakzaky was born on 1953 in Nigeria. From 1979, he increased his revolutionary activities to raise people’s awareness.

Reporter: Opening this office can have an important role in promoting Islamic teachings among the oppressed people of the world.

Mahdi Rahnama, IRIB news agency, Mashhad