Trump’s threats are not worthy!

[Following the war of words between Iran and the U.S., Mohammed Bagheri, Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces, and Ali Larijani, speaker of parliament, respond to the U.S. threat and Secretary of State. Protests hit different Iranian cities, while the economic conditions are deteriorating day by day. People are chanting slogans against the Iranian regime and mullahs.]

Reporter: False suppositions of the U.S. will never come true against the amazing capacity of the people and armed forces of Iran. Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces urged in a statement that armed forces will respond to any threats at any level against Iranian people decisively and resolutely. Speaker of the parliament didn’t even consider the U.S. president and his secretary of state worthy of any response.

Ali Larijani: What he said didn’t have any diplomatic value. He is a thug. And in the international domain, he and his boss are notorious for corruption. Unfortunately, the U.S. is creating savagery in diplomacy and is following an ignorant diplomacy. Gad said: “When the ignorant address them [the believers], they say, peace.” It means don’t pay any attention to them. They will destroy themselves.