“Our request is to sell oil and get its money”!

Abbas Araghchi, political deputy to Iranian foreign minister

[Abbas Araghchi, political deputy to Iranian foreign minister, says Iran’s talk with Europe is to find ways for selling its oil and getting the money for it. Following the U.S threat to sanction the export of Iranian oil, Iran is looking for ways to deal with it.]

TV anchor: Political deputy of foreign minister said, ‘we have many options for confronting oil sanctions.’ Mr. Araghchi added talks over Europe’s incentive package are still going on, saying ‘our demand is to sell oil and receive its money, and these talks are for reaching a mechanism to continue selling oil.’

TV anchor: Indian warship Tarkash berthed in the first zone of Iranian Army’s Navy in Bandar Abbas for three days. Indian commanders said the goal of this trip is sending the message of friendship and peace, as well as going over the conditions of international waters by both countries.

TV anchor: Spokesperson of Iraq’s judiciary council announced issuing the execution sentence for the person who was responsible for the explosion in the city of Hillah. In this explosion, 34 Iranian and Iraq pilgrims were martyred. These martyrs were going to Karbala for taking part in the Arbaeen Ceremony.