Why denying security and intelligence forces to gain votes?

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, Iranian propagandist and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

[Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, Iranian propagandist and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, attacks those officials who deny their past in intelligence and security forces to gain people’s votes.]

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi: First of all, if there were no security, the country would have become devastated. Why are you ashamed? MEKs, monarchists, separatists killed 15000 or 16000 people in broad daylight – from Rajaee and Beheshti to those 72 people to those who were beheaded and burnt alive. If they were not executed, there weren’t any security today. And we would be worse than Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. If our forces were not fighting in Syria, ISIS would have come and taken your wives as their maids. And they would have taken your wives away if our forces weren’t military advisors and getting killed there. Instead of being in debt, you are acting like creditors? Were it not for them, there would be 6 or 7 explosions every day. And I am still afraid this might happen. Who can hold them back? [Ashamed of] being security or military forces? What military forces? There was a war and the country was occupied. You either stood by and looked, or escaped, or sent your children abroad. These guys went to the fronts and fought for 8 years. They were not professional military forces. They fought for God. They were mujahids. When some of these people [officials] went to the front, it meant they went to Ahvaz. They went with ironed clothes and returned with ironed clothes. They saw no war. They were always in rooms with AC, and they were in those parts of the front where there were ACs. They were there, not in military operations. They never smelled gunpowder; their brothers were not torn to pieces right next to them. Then suddenly they started to talk about war, the belligerent, the security forces! You all belonged to security and intelligence forces. And that was okay. If there were no intelligence and security forces, people would be devastated. But why are you ashamed of yourselves? Is that because you want to gain votes of some people who don’t have any religion or honor? Those who don’t agree with Imam [Khomeini] and the revolution? There is halal and haram votes.