Member of law enforcement to Iranian people: we back your protests!

–Greetings to the people of Iran; Iranian people who are rich, but are kept poor. We, in the law enforcement, announce our solidarity with people and their protests. We were sitting and talking with other colleagues and friends in the dormitory. We were saying when people do not take to streets [in large numbers], then we have to obey orders in the streets. Be sure that if you come, we too hate the regime and we will gradually retreat. When we see the huge crowds, we will join you and support you. Let me announce it here. I am not going to mention the name of the police station, so that it won’t create any troubles for us. Everybody in the police station – except for two whom we will severely punish the day when the regime changes – announces solidarity with you. Take to streets so that we can hang Khamenei — this filthy, dishonorable, crippled dog. People are kept hungry. Now everywhere the prices are skyrocketing. They can’t be in charge, because they won’t be accountable. They are here only to dry the root of Iran. I don’t know why people believe what they say on Iran’s state-run TV. I swear to God they are not Muslims, they are infidels. Is this what realm Islam and Muslim look like? Go and study a little bit. Listen to Khamenei himself and what he said about the officials before he became the leader. And now that he has become the leader and one of the officials, he has shut up. People! take to streets. If you have courage and honor and if you are not like potatoes, take to streets and kick out these filthy animals. Destroy these mullahs. Blessing on your honor, and blessing on your mothers who nursed you! If you have courage and have Aryan blood in your veins, [take to streets]. We did injustice to Shah and drove him out of the country, and now we have to bring back his son. Or anybody else who is better than these filthy animals. Any infidel will be better than these filthy animals. Good bye.