Iran celebrates Houthis’ attack against Saudis

[IRIB report celebrating Houthis attacks against Saudi Arabia and Emirate.]

Reporter: Muscle flexing of Ansar Allah in the Red Sea. Bab al-Mandab Strait is hell for Saudis. After targeting two Saudi ships in the Red Sea and 180 kilometers away from Yemeni coasts, Saudi Arabia halted oil export from Bab al-Mandab Strait. Yemen announced that one of the targeted ships was a Saudi destroyer, which, with 190 military passengers, is very equipped and is capable of avoiding detection from the radar systems. But it wasn’t safe from the Yemeni’s missiles.

–Commandos of navy forces could penetrate 180 kilometers and target Saudi’s destroyer. In this operation, the enemy’s weapons and ammunition warehouse were destroyed. Navy forces’ operations will expand, and from now on, other regions and ports of the enemy will be targeted as well.

Reporter: Earlier, the fire of Yemeni’s anger spread to Emirate as well, and Emirate paid the price for cooperation in Saudis’ crimes. As announced by Al-Jazeera network, Yemeni forces targeted Abu Dhabi’s airport several times with the drone they unveiled today. The airport has stopped its activities, but there is no news of possible damages to the Emirate yet. Yemeni drones, after recent days’ attacks against Aramco, today attacked the Saudi’s control and command center in Al Bayda Province which ended in several deaths and injuries from Saudis.