Brainwashing children in Iran!

Reporter: We have passed one month of the hottest season of the year. In these hot days of the summer, children have programs for their own leisure time. A program called “Yay Summer!” was held in Quds Mosala for teenagers between 12 to 17 years of age.

Cleric: It is held in a spiritual atmosphere and in the lively exciting atmosphere of the mosque for teenagers.

Reporter: This program has courses in Religion and Culture, Science and Education, and Sports and Recreation.

–There are theory classes like shooting and weapon training. There are other classes such as acting, puppeteering, and Islamic medicine.

–Pay attention to here. When he wants to shoot, he should load the gun.

–This sport is called Zipline. Using these equipments, we connect ourselves to the rope and slide down.

Reporter: How is it going?


Reporter: What were you doing?

–I was doing Rapple.

Reporter: Summer means using the leisure time as best as possible. Here the preparations are made for teenage boys to use their summer as best as possible.

–We are together, we exercise, we joke, we go camping.

–It is better than wasting their time by going to streets. They come here and are under the supervision of teachers and trainers.

Reporter: This program, along with training and recreation for children, encourages the children to go to Friday mass prayer.

Reporter: So far about 300 people have individually taken part in this 45-day course.

[IRIB report about how teenagers spend their time in a summer program.]