Hamid Baghaee: Sadegh Larijani will be soon put on trial!

Hamid Baghaee: God willing, we will soon have the trial of Mr. Sadegh Larijani by the justice of Iranian people. Also that of Hossein Taeb and IRGC’s intelligence organization. They are unjust. They do injustice. Judiciary branch is unjust. The judiciary system is unjust. If one day the door to Evin prison is opened, you will see what injustices are done there. The judiciary branch is unjust. Sadegh Larijani is unjust. I am proud of myself for standing against this injustice. Let me say it again: it isn’t me whose daughter is a spy, it isn’t me who have 63 bank accounts, it isn’t me who have disgraced Iran overseas. We are standing firmly. I will continue my hunger strike. Know this and announce it to the people that injustice won’t last. Be sure that these people will go. They are breathing their last. I wish for the Iranian people to find their true place. God willing, you will be successful. I thank you all. And I thank Dr. Ahmadinejad.

[Hamid Baghaee, vice president of former Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, talks about injustice of judiciary system in Iran, predicting that they will all be put on trial soon by Iranian people. Baghaee is sentenced to imprisonment on financial charges.]