Khamenei promises victory of Palestine, again!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

[Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei talks about how Muslim countries are disserving the so-called Palestine cause, except Iran. Iranian people have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfactions with this policy, especially by chanting “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran”.]

Disregarding Iranian people’s demands for focusing on national interests, Iranian supreme leader reiterates the old slogan of victory of Palestine over Israel: Ali Khamenei: “Unfortunately, some Islamic governments, due to disbelieving the foundation of Islam – let alone the issue of Palestine – have become the myrmidons of Americans, not just their followers. They are sacrificing themselves for Americans — out of stupidity, ignorance, greed and desire. Unfortunately, some governments, some Arab governments, are like that. But this, too, is useless. They won’t be successful. Islamic community and Muslim nation of Palestine will certainly defeat their enemies. And they will see the day when Zionist fake regime will be uprooted from Palestine.”