“Iran must export more oil”!

First Vice President of Hassan Rouhani’s government, Eshaq Jahangiri

Iran’s Vice-President has called for the country to export more oil than previously as US sanctions deepen the economic crisis in the country, even while the regime spends millions of dollars per month on funding militias across the region.

In this news bulletin on Iranian state TV, the presenter says, “More Iranian oil must be exported than ever before. The First Vice President of Hassan Rouhani’s government, Eshaq Jahangiri, speaking in a meeting with ambassadors and heads of national agencies, said that up to the present the level of oil sales stands at around two-and-a-half million barrels per day, but the volume of oil sales amid the US sanctions period should be higher than this, and the ambassadors are at the front line of this initiative and must turn threats into opportunities.”

“The First Vice-President said that the US officials have assigned a group of countries to negotiate with those countries which are willing to cooperate with Iran to dissuade and discourage them from doing so.  In return, our ambassadors must make plans to communicate with international private companies.”