“America is inhuman”!


Ahmad Khatami, Tehran temporary Friday Prayer leader

Despite Iranian people’s demands to have peaceful relations with all countries of the world including Israel and the U.S., hardline cleric Ahmad Khatami calls the U.S. “inhuman”Ahmad Khatami: “The other issue that the supreme leader emphasized on was diplomatic activities and efforts, which, except for few cases like America, must be bolstered with east and west countries. And operative and targeted moves in diplomacy must continue. Article 152 of the constitutions says that our foreign policy has 6 foundations. The first foundation is rejecting any kinds of dominance and accepting dominance. Based on this principle, we have relations with all the world, except for America and Zionist fake regime. Zionist regime is fake and occupier. As for America, we will not have relations with it in so far as it is inhuman. That hasn’t happened so far.”