“Exporting the Islamic revolution to the entire Muslim world” is the main goal

Ahmad Alamolhoda, the leader of Friday prayers in Mashhad

 In this video footage, a prominent Iranian regime cleric delivers a sermon celebrating the regime’s “export” of its “Islamic revolution” to the “entire Muslim world”, claiming that Iran is taking over leadership of the Islamic world from Saudi Arabia, and openly bragging at the attacks by Iran’s Yemeni proxies on Saudi targets.

It should be noted that ‘exporting the Islamic revolution’ is a core tenet of Iran’s fundamentalist theocratic leadership which has made this the foundation of its constitution, as a means of converting others to the Khomeinists’ hardline doctrine of Twelver Shiism as part of the regime’s expansionist objectives.

In his sermon, Ahmad Alamolhoda, the leader of Friday prayers in Mashhad, a regime stronghold, and Shite religious center, says, “O brothers, as we see today, the Islamic revolution is being exported from our homeland to the entire Muslim world.”

“The Muslim world is witnessing a huge transformation as it no longer accepts the guardianship of the forces of arrogance through proxy governments which usurp power there [a reference to the USA and the Saudi leadership]. They are stooges and mercenaries who work for these arrogant powers.”

The imam brags about the attacks by Iran’s Houthi proxies in Yemen on Saudi targets, saying, “Missiles and drones are being fired at Saudi targets there. Also, a Saudi boat was targeted in response to the attacks mounted by the US-sponsored stooges.”