US opposition to Iran stems from its being an Islamic state!

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

In this speech delivered to a group of Iranian foreign ministry officials on Saturday [July 22, 2018], Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed that it is impossible to resolve any problems with the USA since Washington’s opposition to the regime stems from its being a nominally Islamic state.

Khamenei told the officials, “It’s believed that if we solve our problems with the United States then all the country’s problems will be solved. Firstly, our problems with the United States cannot be solved, and this should be noted.  With the existence of a theocratic government, particularly an Islamic government, our problems with the USA will not be resolved because America’s problem with us is due to the issue of our being an Islamic state.”

For example, those countries located in the north of Africa, in the west of Asia, in other countries in Africa, in southern Latin America – these countries have friendly ties with the USA, but although the USA has no complaint against them, these countries problems have not been resolved.  The issue of America with the Islamic Republic of Iran is a matter of insisting on returning to the era that existed in Iran before the Islamic Revolution; they seek to revive that era- well, that’s not practical, it’s impossible.  And they aren’t going to be satisfied with less than this, and the rest of their words are only excuses.”