Alamalhoda praises Houthis for attacking Saudi’s oil tanker

Ahmad Alamolhoda, Friday Prayer leader in Mashhad

 [Ahmad Alamolhoda, Friday Prayer leader in Mashhad, admirers of Yemeni Houthis for recently attacking Saudi’s oil tanker in the Red Sea. Alamolhoda calls this a victory for Iran, seeing this in alignment with Hassan Rouhani’s threat as to halting countries of the region exporting their oil.]

 Alamalhoda: Mr. President said if our oil [export] is going to be stopped, then not even a single drop of oil will pass the Hormuz Strait. And the supreme leader asserted that this remark by the president is the general policy of the establishment. Then the U.S. threatened us for this remark and slogan. The U.S. president said, ‘we will do such and such and won’t allow this to happen. We will carry oil from many other places.’ The Hormuz Strait is the opposite of Bab al-Mandeb. They thought that they will export Saudi’s oil from Bab al-Mandeb Strait. Whatever oil is stopped here, it will be added there. And that would solve their problems. This was a part of the enemy’s calculations. With heroism of our dear ones in Yemen and targeting that ship, Saudis announced that their oil tankers will no longer pass from Bab al-Mandeb or the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia, the U.S. mercenaries, told the U.S. that if Iranians shut the Hormuz Strait, there will be oil drought all over the world. And the world will suffer from oil drought. And this was our victory just two days ago. They confronted the enemy – the enemy of God. This is the result and the reward of you, people, who are enduring in the war with enemies of God. And God is helping you like this.