Iran rejoices over the Yemen war!

[the Islamic Republic supports Houthi rebels in Yemen war, which has had many casualties so far. In this footage, Iran state-run TV rejoices in Yemenis’ missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia.]

 Without mentioning Iran’s support for Houthi rebels, Iranian state-run TV reports attacks against Saudi Arabia: TV anchor: “Unprecedented victory of Yemenis in cyberwar and the confusion of Saudi officials. Missile unit of Yemen’s army and popular committees targeted Saudi’s Jizan Airport with the ballistic missile Badr 1. Moreover, yesterday Yemenis could fly a drone and set fire to Aramco oil company. Spokesperson of Yemen Ansar Allah urged that Saudi economic and military bases are the best targets for attacks more severe than the one on Aramco facility. Today Yemen drone unit official unveiled the drone, Samad 2.”