Russian special envoy to Iran

[Following the meeting of President Trump with President Putin, Russian special envoy is sent to Iran to debrief Iran on the issues raised and discussed during the meeting. Putin reassures Iran of his support for the nuclear deal and raising the issue with the U.S. president.]

Facing an economic crisis after the U.S. pulling out of the nuclear deal [JCPOA], Iran welcomes any support for the JCPOA. Russia’s Putin sends an envoy to Iran to stress his support for the deal: TV anchor: “Russian president once again emphasized on the necessity of preserving the nuclear deal with Iran. Vladimir Putin said among Russian ambassadors to other countries that the nuclear deal with Iran is an important document and must be preserved. Putin added that Russia emphasizes on not meddling in other countries’ affairs, and on remaining committed to the resolutions of the United Nations and the UN Security Council. Also, Russian president’s special envoy went to Tehran and gave a comprehensive report of recent negotiations of Russian and the U.S. presidents in Finland to the deputy secretary of Iran’s National Security Council. Alexander Laverntiev said Russia sees itself as committed to supporting the international deals and emphasizes on governments avoiding unilateralism and using economy and trade against countries. Pointing out to Russia’s decisive stance with regard to the JCPOA and commitment to implementing all countries’ obligations, he added that Russian president reminded the U.S. president that unilateral sanctions against Iran were against the international nuclear accord. Saeed Irvani expressed gratitude for sending a special envoy to Tehran so quickly, calling this measure a clear sign of both countries’ commitment to strategic cooperation and participation.”

Despite cutting oil import from Iran due to fear of the U.S. sanctions, India underscores that relationship with Iran won’t be impacted by the U.S. pressure: “At the same time, advisor to India’s foreign minister announced that New Delhi-Tehran relations have nothing to do with any other countries. Singh pointed out to the cooperation of both countries in energy, trade and investment sectors in Chabahar Port, urging that India will continue relations with Iran, despite the U.S. pressures.”