Russia tests missile; Iran rejoices!

[Days after meeting of Trump and Putin in Helsinki, Russia shows off super weapons. Iran state-run TV revels in Russian new achievements. Following the U.S. pulling out to the nuclear deal with Iran, the Islamic Republic has tried to get closer to Russia.]

 IRIB compares Russia’s Putin to Czar: Reporter: “Show of power like Czars. In less than a week after the summit of Russian and American presidents, Russian defense minister announced successful testing of a new air defense missile system in the country, saying that this system will be soon given to the army. According to news agencies, this anti-missile system is designed to protect Moscow against air and space attacks. Russian officials also released video footages from some of their new nuclear and conventional weapons which they had earlier announced could neutralize NATO’s defense systems. Nuclear disarmament and dispute over the expansion of NATO were among the issues that Trump and Putin discussed in their talks.”