Rouhani dismisses US attempts to cut off Iran’s oil exports

Iran’s President Hasan Rouhani

In this footage, Iran’s President Rouhani complains about the Trump administration’s efforts to stop other countries from importing Iranian oil, issuing a veiled threat to cut off other regional nations’ oil exports if the US attempts to cut off Iran’s exports.

Addressing a gathering of other senior Iranian regime officials, Rouhani said, “the Americans said they’re seeking to forbid Iran from exporting its own oil at all. They cannot, of course, analyze the meaning of the words they say: ‘We will not let Iran export its own oil’ means that the oil of the entire region will not be exported. Is this possible, that Iranian oil won’t be exported while the oil of the rest of the Middle East region will be exported? If he understands the meaning of what he says, then he [Trump] is aware of what he’s saying, but of course, he fundamentally doesn’t understand the words he says when he says that he won’t let Iran export one drop of its oil. Well if you could do it, then you’d see what the result of that would be.”