Islamic Republic Propaganda attributes recent unrests to “enemy”

[IRIB propaganda report calls “enemies” responsible for popular protests.]

State-run TV in Iran [IRIB] accuses the so-called “enemies” of being behind the popular protests in December 2017: “Reporter: The enemy didn’t let go. A new excuse every day. They take advantage of everything to ruin Iran. Do you remember December 28, 2017? There was a peaceful assembly of people, unhappy with high prices. Did you see what they did to these people?”

“–Somebody said the Gulf, but the prince [Reza Pahlavi] makes no objections. Now the prince himself has said the Gulf twice.”

IRIB tries to intimidate people that Iran might become another Syria: “Reporter: They still wish for making Islamic Iran another Syria. The revolution was exported.”

“Ali Shamkhani: Saddam collapsed. Our allies are ruling in Iraq now. Iran has joined the Mediterranean Sea. Iran has joined Bab-el-Mandeb.”

“Military official: We will show them that when we say we can, we really mean it.”