Protesters voice anger over bank collapse

A large demonstration took place outside the Iranian parliament on Wednesday, June 11, with hundreds of disgruntled savers with the Caspian Finance and Credit Institution, who lost all their money when the state-backed finance house collapsed, gathering to demand restitution and to condemn the government’s lack of any action.

This footage shows the protesters chanting slogans addressing the government and the management of the finance house, particularly Farshad Haidari, the deputy head of the defunct bank, including, “Mr. Haidari, you are a dirty one,” “We never succumb to humiliation” and “We entrusted our money to you, but you worked to betray us.”

The demonstration was only the latest in many months of protests, with a number of Iranian banks and finance houses collapsing since 2017 due to endemic corruption and mismanagement; whilst all these institutions are supposedly state-backed, the regime has refused to compensate the savers, many of whom entrusted their life savings to them and have been left destitute.