Rouhani: Israel is illegitimate!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

 [iranian President Hassan Rouhani emphasizes Iran doesn’t consider Israel as a legitimate government.]

In his recent trip to Europe, Hassan Rouhani held a press conference with Swiss president. Rouhani interrupted his Swiss counterpart, just to make sure to repeat Iran’s old rhetoric with regard to Israel, calling it an illegitimate government: “Hassan Rouhani: Excuse me, Mr. President. Let me complete the answer to the reporter’s question with one sentence. Since Mr. President mentioned the issue of Israel, I want to emphasize on the fact that in my talks with Mr. President yesterday, I openly said that Iran considers Zionist regime as illegitimate and thinks of its activities in the region as invasive.”

Swiss president too uses the opportunity to stress that this is one example of serious disagreements between Europeans and Iran: “Swiss President Alain Berset: This is a perfect example of issues over which we have major disagreements. And we will keep talking about them.”