Jews owe debt of gratitude to Iran!

 Iran’s President Rouhani

Iran’s President Rouhani claimed during a press conference with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Thursday (June 5) that Jews owe a debt of gratitude to Iran’s regime since Iranians were the “saviors of the Jews during the Babylonian era in Iraq” around 3,000 years ago, further claiming that Israel supporting ISIS.

In this Iranian state TV news bulletin about Rouhani’s visit to Austria, part of a larger tour of European countries, the presenter says, “President Rouhani also met with the Chancellor and President of Austria since the Austrian officials supported Iran’s nuclear deal. The Austrian Chancellor, who recently visited the Occupied Palestinian Territories, spoke at a news conference about Austria’s historical responsibility to support Israel and criticized the anti-Zionist stance and Iran’s support for resistance forces. This was followed by a decisive response from our president.”

In the following clip from the news conference, Rouhani says: “Some European countries have a historic debt to the Jews which is unrelated to us now. However, the Jews owe to us since Iranians were the saviors of the Jews during the Babylonian era in Iraq when we saved them; therefore, they will always be indebted to Iran and the Iranians. We have very close and good relations with the world’s Jews, but the Zionists as a group of occupiers are oppressors and subjugate people, and they put the people of Gaza under siege, bombing innocent people. They’ve interfered in Syria; they support ISIS and transfer wounded ISIS forces to Israel and treat them there. Israel’s role in the region is very destructive.”