Ahwazis ask for rights and live ammunition was the answer!

This footage shows Protests in Muhammarah and Abadan of Ahwaz region against water shortages and deteriorating living conditions. Locals in the cities of Muhammarah and Abadan defied the regime’s heavy crackdown. They on Friday, Saturday and Sunday staged mass protests due to the lack of water in the improvised Arab region.

As the protesters took to the streets, they chanted anti-regime slogans. “In the name of religion, thieves ripped us off.” They also accused the regime of pursuing policies aimed to render the Ahwazi region poorer. The regime diverts courses of rivers, such as Karun and Karkheh, to the Persian areas. It also works to drain marshes and render the agricultural land barren.

Reports suggest four protesters have been killed by the Iranian regime’s security forces.

The security forces also used teargas against the peaceful protesters.

Videos posted online show heavy security presence in the Arab region, especially in the hot spots where people are brimming over with anger.

A video showed the Ahwazi protesters carrying an individual who was covered in blood.

Ahwazis in parts other than Abadan and Muhammarah marched in support of the demands of the people there. They chanted the same slogans and spoke out about the same demands.

People in Mashour poured onto the streets to show solidarity with those demonstrating in Muhammarah. “We shall spare the lives of Muhammarah people with our blood,” protesters in Mashour chanted.

Others chanted: “We can spill our blood and sacrifice our souls to save Karun river”.

In the city of Ahwaz, Arabs in Naderi St. declared solidarity with the demonstrators in Abadan and Muhammarah chanting “Abadan…Muhammarah…yes yes revolution”

Ahwazi activists said that these solidarity moves are significant, citing mounting anger among the Iranian people as a whole due to the repressive policies of the regime coupled with the economic hardship the oil-rich nation is going through.

Media outlets backing the protests said the Iranian regime made mass arrests during among the Ahwazis.