Jews and Christians are planning to attack Iran!

Kazem Seddiqi, the interim leader of the Friday prayers of Tehran

In this sermon delivered at the main Friday prayers in Tehran on June 29, 2018, a senior Iranian regime cleric warns that the world’s Christians and Jews are planning an attack on Iran, as well as castigating the congregation for “displeasing the martyrs” who have died while fighting for the regime, which he suggests is done by giving the regime money. He also condemns anti-regime protesters who have taken to the streets across the country to demonstrate against the economic crisis and regime corruption in recent months.

Kazem Seddiqi, the interim leader of the Friday prayers appointed by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warns the worshippers, “The world will be targeting you and will launch an all-out attack against you by both Jews and Christians, and those Zionists and Christian-Zionists are constantly launching bombardments of propaganda as well as military bombardments, and you are relentlessly harassed by them as they regularly sting you and constantly hurt us; therefore the remedy for your pain in this issue is not to go shopping, but to show some patience.

Your martyrs have given their blood for your sake, so you should give your fortunes [wealth]. Why do you help the enemy in this situation? Why do you displease your martyrs? Your country is the country of martyrs. Self-sacrifice means sacrificing wealth and lives and by resisting. Do not get excited and don’t get intimidated and don’t get attached to this [material] world. Today, we have built and stored thousands of missiles underground. Thanks to those missiles today Israel sends a message saying, ‘Please don’t hit us and we won’t hit you too.’ And you can see that His Excellency the Supreme Leader [Ayatollah Khamenei] said [to Israel], ‘If you hit us with one missile, we will hit you with ten missiles’.

Our nuclear might is one of the components of our power. Before this, the world wasn’t taking us into account; if we didn’t have this nuclear capability the world wouldn’t take us into account as they do now, but they considered us and took us into account after our presence in the region as the issue of Daesh [ISIS] was not an issue of Iraq or Syria, but was a fire that they lit for us. Since ISIS began from there, that’s because we have confronted the enemy beyond Iran’s borders, and now [the anti-regime protesters] are saying ‘Leave Syria alone] – by these words, they [a reference to the USA and Israel] seek to destroy what is our source of power as it bears a deterrence effect, providing our security and bringing peace and security for our honor [Iranian women], but they are seeking to seize this power from us. However, the people are trapped in a situation where they don’t know what to do as if a bone’s stuck in their throat and they can’t throw it up or swallow it. Thus, the officials should be aware of this pressure and touch upon it and don’t laugh about it, but rather they ought to sympathize with the people.”