Jahangiri threatens Saudi Arabia

Iranian First Vice President Eshaq

 [Iranian First Vice President Eshaq Jahanigiri talks about the U.S. threatening to prevent Iran from selling oil to other countries.]

Eshaq Jahangiri: In their sanctions, Americans have targeted three things. The first one is oil. They don’t want Iran’s oil to be sold. They brazenly announced last week that they want to reduce Iran’s selling oil to zero by November. They say such things partly to create psychological warfare in Iran to [make people] worry that Iran’s oil won’t be sold or offered in the market in next couple of months. But those who are more familiar with international atmosphere are begging Saudis to increase their oil, so that if Iran’s oil is reduced, nothing would happen to the global market. They think that Saudis can suddenly decide to add several million barrels of oil to the global market. Firstly, if any country wants to replace Iran in the oil market in this conflict, it is betraying the great nation of Iran and international community. And they will certainly pay for this betrayal one day. We will sell our oil wherever we like to. We have had talks with them and prepared paths in this regard. As for the reduction of selling our oil, all our efforts and plans will be to defeat the U.S. intention as to stopping Iran’s oil. Iran is neighbor with 15 countries in the region. And land roads and rail roads are connected up to China and countries in central Asia. We have land roads with all of them, connecting us to Europe. We have shipping lines in the north and the south. Private and public sectors can offer necessary services. Foreign companies have announced readiness to cooperate in this regard.