Proposals from Iran and Qatar could distance Jordan!

[IRIB political pundit talks about possible scenarios for Jordan.]

 –Jordan will cave in only if it receives a generous proposal from the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Emirates, and financial helps are allocated to it. Also, we must pay attention that if Jordan wants to stand on its feet and if Abdullah II wants to stay in power, it has to eventually get along with them. $5 billion is a lot of money for a country like Jordan that has no oil or gas revenue. That is a lot of money for them. Right now, one year after cutting these helps, Jordan is already in crisis. Therefore, we can say that Jordan will not cave in on “deal of the century” only if it receives signals first from Iran and, second, from Qatar. Qatar has already discontinued its relations with Emirate and Saudi Arabia and has hostile relationship with these two countries. And Iran’s relationship with these two countries is quite clear. Accordingly, we can witness Jordan distancing itself only if it receives proposals from Iran and Qatar.