Is there any solution to sanctions against Iran?

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif

[Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif proposes the solution to the U.S. sanctions against Iran.]

TV anchor: Foreign minister said the key to solving our economic and trade issues with Europe is in small and medium companies. In a meeting in Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that small European companies can replace big companies, asking the Chamber of Commerce to identify domestic small and medium companies and European sides so that “later it cannot be said that bankrupt companies come to Iran.” Mr. Zarif also said that “if we have to, we will pull out of the JCPOA,” adding that a group is supported by one of the neighboring countries to propagandize that all countries and companies are leaving Iran. In this meeting, Chairman of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture said economic issues and problems of the country shouldn’t be seen in a way “as if all problems are because of sanctions, emphasizing on resolving structural issues of the country.” Gholamhossein Shafei said after the nuclear deal, “we had the opportunity to boost the country’s economy by adopting appropriate policies and by relying on the supreme leader’s order concerning resistance economy,” adding that the solution to counter sanctions is providing facilities in economic businesses and virtually supporting resistance economy, and “not in creating new restrictions and tying the hands of the economic actors ourselves.”