Khamenei defends the oppressed even in the US!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

[Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s response to Trump’s immigration policy separating children from their mothers. The Islamic Republic is accused of violation of human rights.]

Ali Khamenei: Separating several thousand children from their mothers in America is not a small issue. It is huge. One can’t bear to see these children crying on TV. How can they do this to several thousand children by enforcing a policy? How can they take such a wrong, criminal measure to separate children from their mothers? This is who they are. These are those several big countries that with their advanced armaments, stand against the people of Yemen in the sea, so that they can take away a port that is the only breathing place for oppressed Yemeni people from them. They murder people without any hesitation. This is who they are. It is not that they are just on bad terms with Islamic Republic. They are inherently oppressive. They are the apparatuses of unjust power. As Islamic Republic is justice-seeking and claims to be Islamic and to defend the oppressed, they are strongly against it. And they keep doing sabotages. One must stand against them. One must be firm. And we must be sure that by God’s grace, Iranian people will defeat America and their enemies.