Economist: Some groups inside Iran pushed the country towards sanction

Saeed Laylaz: A certain part of the establishment – not out of ignorance, but knowingly; and not out of treason (I am not that reckless to easily accuse anyone of treason), but for their own interests – moved Iran towards sanction for their own benefits inside the country. This is the duty of history because security entities apparently do not intend to enter this issue and they won’t enter this issue. But history will not forget and will not let it go. Not matter how much we are called seditionists, history will not forget that certain groups within Iran and based on their interests pushed the country towards sanctions and put Iran in this perilous situation. I say the sanctions that were put against Iran were the most comprehensive, the deepest, the most successful and the most extensive sanctions in modern time since Napoleon Bonaparte. I say they couldn’t put such sanctions against apartheid regime in South Africa during racism. They couldn’t put such sanctions against Bashar Assad’s regime, even though all the West were behind these sanctions. The economic benefits and economic and geopolitical characteristics of Bashar Assad’s Syria for Russia and China is one twentieth of Iran. As you know, the volume of Syrian economy is as much as one of the Iranian provinces. Why do Russia and China stand by Bashar Assad and not by Iran? In 20 years, the volume of trades between Iran and China has increased 200 times. This multiplication of trades has not had a tiny bit of impact on China’s geopolitical relations with the U.S. to make them stand by Iran. They [the Chinese] signed all resolutions. China wouldn’t do this against Bashar Assad because no part of the establishment there has been after sanctions. They say thieves entered a house. The lady and the man of the house were sleeping in bed. The man took the gun and said, this is a gun and is fully loaded. The lady of the house told the thieves, the gun is broken and isn’t loaded. When the lady of the house says such things to thieves and invaders, then obviously the house will be looted, and everything will be gone.

[Saeed Laylaz, economist, journalist and former advisor to Mohammad Khatami, talks about certain groups inside Iran that pushed the country towards sanctions for their own benefits.]