Iranian intelligence minister: Iran ready to resume enrichment

Anchor: Iranian intelligence minster said in the sideline of visit to Natanz nuclear complex that achieving 190,000 SWU enrichment is within reach. Mahmoud Alavi added that if our interests require pulling out of JCPOA, the other sides must know that we can very quickly go to not only where we were before, but we can go beyond that.

Reporter: Centrifuges are ready to turn. This is the message sent from here – nuclear facilities of Shahid Alimohammadi – these days.

Mahmoud Alavi: We can certainly go not only to the place we were before, but we can also go beyond that.

Reporter: And here in enrichment complex of Shahid Ahmadi Rooshan, nuclear scientists, with efforts and researches, could complete the centrifuge chain and be ready to move to a higher level.

–If we connect the new generation machines, our production capacity will become fourfold.  Two generations of IR-4 and IR-2 are ready to work with 4 times more capacity than IR-1. IR-6 too has 8 to 9 times more capacity.

Reporter: Almost 4 days are left to the end of Christian month. These days, Europeans must finalize their decisions for convincing Iran.

Behrooz Kamalvand: Our country has high capacity for moving towards industrial enrichment. Currently, due to supreme leader’s views, we are moving within the JCPOA’s framework. But we have predicted the necessary grounds for not wasting time, if we want to move outside JCPOA.

Reporter: The open message from nuclear centers is quite obvious: Iran will not wait for the West to linger whether to stay in JCPOA or not.

[IRIB report on Iran’s readiness to resume uranium enrichment.]