Rouhani: Government won’t resign!

Hassan Rouhani: Government will endure. Whoever thinks that the government is afraid, or the government will resign, or the government will step aside, they are wrong. If in 2017, our delegation went abroad with five people, today we cannot send five people abroad. It should be now cut down to two. If we went with first class or with business tickets, we should now go with economy tickets. Our conditions must change. And people should see it. We have specific plans in four or five issues: for employment, for fighting poverty, for regulating the market, and for production. Bring you shares to the stock market. Let people bring their money. Bring the shares of your profitable factories and your profitable companies. This is a must. This is a ratification. This has been declared to all organizations. If you come, a new movement will start. I do plead with producers to come and stand by the government in the front line. The market too should stand by us. Those who want to run for the parliament next year and have started their advertisement in provinces and cities very early, they will raise people’s expectations. Governors must hold interviews and tell people not take advantage of the situation. They should understand that if under the present conditions of the country, they choose another path, people will not vote for them. Dear people, you are our masters, we are your servants. You should tell us what path to choose. Particularly the private sector must enter the scene. In fighting America, the private sector should stand by the government. There are many things in which Americans may create obstacles for the government and governmental companies. It is the private sector that must find solutions to these issues. They must find new solutions. And they must provide the requirements of this great country and this great nation. We stand by the private sector. I do ask the ministers and I do declare it here that all their ministries must control their usage of water, electricity and power. I do ask all the educated people, all academics, all artists, all those who have any social authorities or social status, and all sportsmen to support the government. If our problem is only the pressure from the outside, it means that it is the U.S. that is putting us under pressure or the Zionism. It is then the foreigners who are putting us under the pressure. We will certainly succeed. But if foreign pressure is mixed with domestic pressure, then it is not just a danger or pressure. It is lethal. It can hit the country hard. Dear brothers and monitoring organizations of the country, we aren’t able to control the situation by ourselves. We need people’s help. Let people know who have received money and for what. Use the Internet and tell people everything. We should tell people that during this time – particularly in past 51 days and from the beginning of the new Iranian year [March 21] – who has received the foreign currency from us and at what price and for what products. And also how much products they have imported. Yes, life will be much tougher, but we will have more glories in the history, and we will stand tall in the history.