“Doha will never forget Iran’s position”!

[IRIB report about Iranian president talking to Amir of Qatar.]

 TV anchor: Qatar acknowledges Iran. In phone conversation with Amir of Qatar, the president welcomed expansion of relations between the two countries, emphasizing that there is no obstacle for developing relations and Tehran will continue to stand by Doha. Mr. Rouhani admired Qataris’ resistance against pressures, threats and the unfair siege that is imposed on Qatar by several neighboring countries, adding that Iran sees this siege as unfair and as causing more division and tension among the countries of the region. According to the president, adventurous policies of some countries of the region are wrong, and continuation of this process will augment the existing problems in the region, including in Palestine, Syria and Yemen. Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani acknowledged Iran’s position concerning the issue of sieging Qatar, emphasizing that Doha will never forget Iran’s position. Amir of Qatar urged that resolving the regional differences is possible only through dialogue, adding that no country can impose its views on other countries.