Workers looking for their bread!

This footage shows angry former employees of the Mashhad Carton Company which closed recently staging a demonstration outside the firm’s headquarters to protest against the closure and demand the backdated pay they’re still owed, with many workers owed over 15 months of wages.

The messages on the protesters’ banners express their anger and frustration, with slogans including, ‘What happened to our demands?’, ‘Where is my bread?’, ‘The worker has no savior’, and ‘We expected support from the government – we were wrong in what we believed’.

Other banners read, ‘One month without salaries is hard, two months is a disaster – we haven’t had our salaries for 15 months’ and ‘We workers are seeking to settle our demands and return to work’, with the message on a placard held by one of the protesters condemning the media blackout regarding the problems which the company, like other state-owned bodies, faced, reading, ‘The largest carton manufacturing plant was closed because of media silence’.

The protests at the Mashhad factory are not unusual, with similar demonstrations now a daily event across Iran as the economic crisis continues to worsen, accelerated by the recent reimposition of US sanctions.

As of Saturday June 23, one US dollar was reportedly trading for 81,000 Iranian Riyals on the country’s black market, with the economic situation spiraling downwards daily. Public anger at the crisis is amplified by the regime’s continuing expenditure of tens of billions of dollars on massive weapons arsenals and funding of multiple regional militias and involvement in catastrophic wars across the region, even while millions of Iranians go hungry, with many more facing similar horrendous poverty as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate.