Islam is trapped by mullahs!

[Iranian cleric slams IRIB for not paying attention to people’s taste and also criticizes mullahs for damaging Islam in Iran.]

Cleric: IRIB [Iran state-run TV] acts arbitrarily. If it was national, it would respect the taste of all people. The authorities think that they are God. No, you aren’t God; you are little Pharaohs who think you are God. If our enjoining good and forbidding evil was done properly, then 40 years after the revolution and with so many headquarters for enjoining good and forbidding evil, the rate of corruption wouldn’t be so high. Islam is trapped by mullahs. During these 40 years, people didn’t see the pure Islam. If they had, then some of our youths wouldn’t convert to other religions. Why do you say people have become irreligious? People haven’t become irreligious, they have grown up. They no longer agree with whatever mullahs say and will not sit at the pulpit of any mullahs. They will not accept everything they are being told. They have not become irreligious; they have become wise. They have grown up; we must update ourselves.