Jimmy Kimmel mocks Khamenei’s Tom and Jerry reference

American TV host Jimmy Kimmel

Mocking a speech by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, in which the Iranian leader lambasted the USA following President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 nuclear deal and suggested that the US would lose in any effort to oppose Iran “like the famous cat in Tom and Jerry”, American TV host Jimmy Kimmel presented his vision of the Iranian version of Tom and Jerry.

Kimmel begins his skit by saying: “The Supreme Leader of Iran, the Ayatollah [Khamenei], in response to our threats of the strongest sanctions against him yet and pulling out of the deal, said this about America yesterday. This is a real quote. He said, ‘Like the famous cat in Tom and Jerry, they will lose again.’ [Audience laughter].  I guess they just got Saturday morning cartoons over there. I love to imagine the Ayatollah watching Tom and Jerry – ‘Praise Allah, the accursed cat has been incinerated again!’; that’s my Ayatollah voice, he’s one of my characters. Anyway, I’m very interested to learn that Tom and Jerry is well known in Iran of all places.  And when I looked at it, it isn’t exactly the Tom and Jerry we had growing up – it’s been adapted for an anti-American audience.”

Kimmel then shows a clip of how he imagines Iranian Tom and Jerry, in which Tom the cat is tying Jerry the mouse to a wooden pole topped by an American Stars and Stripes flag which is already in flames.  Tom is outwitted by Jerry, however, who confuses the cat into tying his own hand to the pole with the burning flag and frees himself, leaving Tom to burn. At this point the logo appears for the end of the cartoon, with the usual Warner Brothers ‘That’s All Folks’ replaced with a large American flag emblazoned with ‘Death to America’.   After this clip, Jimmy Kimmel quips “That’s one of my favorite episodes.”