Woman futsal player objects to not broadcasting matches!

Fatemeh Etedadi, star of Iranian national futsal team

 [Fatemeh Etedadi, star of Iranian national futsal team which recently became champion in Asia, objects to their matches not being broadcast by Iranian state-run TV.]

 Fatemeh Etedadi: At the peak of our matches, it wasn’t clear what they were broadcasting!

Reporter: Do you know that at the time of your match – the final match – they were broadcasting ice hockey of foreign teams?

Fatemeh Etedadi: In so far as I know, our matches were not broadcast on the Sports Channel, and they weren’t covered.

Reporter: What demands do you have with regards to TV coverage?

Fatemeh Etedadi: We expect to be supported. Sports Channel belongs to us, to sports people. We expect our matches to be broadcast. But they were broadcast through the Internet, for which we are thankful. But in general, we have our own grudges in this regard.