Iranian propagandist: Islamic movements are true allies of Iran

Hassan Rahimpour Azghdi: Islamic movements in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon are our true allies. We have true alliance with them. Before the revolution, the thoughts of Muslim Brotherhood were accepted here in Iran as thoughts that were similar to ours. During Shah, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei translated Seyyid Qutb’s book here, announcing that our Shi’ism is akin to Sunni thoughts of people like Seyyed Qutb and Muslim Brotherhood; we are allies. The slogan of our revolution was supporting movements like Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic movements in Arab world. These groups were among the first that congratulated the victory of revolution to Iran and Imam [Khomeini]. Who wanted – and still wants to – to sow discord among Islamic movements in Arab world under different names? The question is: why does Erdogan from Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood still have relationship with Israel? And why aren’t they cutting off their relationship with Israel? Why do they fight Syria, but aren’t ready to fight Israel? Why did he [Erdogan] say he wanted to say his prayers in Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, but did not say he wanted to say his prayers in Al -Quds Mosque? You should know that when Khalid Islambouli targeted Sadat, they celebrated it in Iran. And they called an avenue in Tehran by the name of Khalid Eslamboli. Here in Iran, Imam [Khomeini] said, Anwar Sadat was executed by the hands of children of Islam; the rest of traitors must be executed as well. When recently there was a movement in Egypt and Mubarak was imprisoned and Morsi took the office, we were very happy here in Iran. We celebrated the fact that our brothers in Muslim Brotherhood had taken the power in Egypt, and the alliance between Iran, Egypt and Arab world would finish Israel. But unfortunately, we saw that our brothers in Muslim Brotherhood and in Egypt were naïve. They showed that they were not political and were still children. Morsi signed the Camp David Accords again. Instead of standing by Resistance Front, he raised the issue of Shia and Sunni, Hezbollah and other such matters. What was the result? Morsi trusted Saudis, thinking that they were going to tolerate him. But when they realized that Morsi was no longer useful for them, you saw how they staged a coup, sending Morsi to the same prison from which Mubarak was released.

[Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, member of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and Iranian propagandist, talks about Islamic movements and their alliance with Islamic revolution in Iran, while slamming Turkish President Erdogan and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.]