MP Salahshoori objects to arresting teachers

Tehran MP Parvaneh Salahshoori

[Tehran MP Parvaneh Salahshoori talks about different issues, including women’s rights, teachers’ protest gathering, filtering Telegram.]

 MP Salahshoori: IRIB’s approaches to women. I do announce it and do plead with officials and people in charge who don’t allow women to be present in stadiums that they should gain the youths’ trust. They shouldn’t deprive women from their absolute right. Filtering Telegram in these couple of days proved that no one can stand against the people’s will. Instead of filtering Telegram, the potentials of this messenger must be used. It is not right that officials would stand against anything that is popular with people and deprive many people from employment. And there is this question as to whether a judge from a court branch can decide for all Iranian people. Holding assemblies is one of the absolute rights of the people, as it is mentioned in the constitution. How come that in a state proud of being popular if teachers protest, they are arrested; environmental activists are arrested without any proofs; students and academic publications are not allowed to have any activities? Not all people think like certain group of people. We should allow people with different opinions express their ideas. Today it is necessary for Iran to preserve trust and solidarity. And that will not be possible without getting along with people’s demand. As for porters in Baneh and Marivan, I wanted to say that these people shouldn’t be deprived of their absolute rights.