Cleric on how officials forge memories of Khomeini

[The cleric disappeared after this speech.]

–I will be damned if you give martyrs and do all the job and I gain from it. We have come to serve you. There are the words of the founder of this movement. But in practice, those who wouldn’t stop saying “Imam” and keep talking about Imam [Khomeini], they keep retelling memories from Imam and words and things from Imam that no one has ever heard, and no one can prove them or refer to them. As soon as they are in a political deadlock, they immediately forge a memory of Imam, saying that it was me and Imam and no one else was there. Then Imam said, do this or don’t do that. Those who claim that we were by Imam’s side are now moving 180 degrees against what Imam’s intentions were.

[Iranian cleric on how Iranian politicians forge memories of Khomeini when they are trapped in political deadlocks. Quoting Khomeini has been a political capital in Iranian politics, as his words are seen as “final words” on any issue.]