TV host: 10-year-old kids looking for VPN after filtering Telegram

TV host Ehsan Ali Khani

[Ensuing the filtering of Telegram messenger in Iran, a TV host is warning officials about consequences of such moves.]

 TV host: Let me say something quickly. I will be very short. For some reasons, it was decided to filter Telegram. But all officials have forgotten something. Right now, 10-year-old kids are after getting VPN. 80-year-old men are after VPN. You should look at this way as well. This can be a disaster for kids and teenagers. It opens another world to them. Now from those millions of people, one million, according to minister of telecommunication, have left Telegram. Please think about this issue as well. Installing VPN is very easy. A 9-year-old kid might see things that he shouldn’t. And then he would go into certain direction. Later we should have hundreds of experts to analyze why this or that kid has committed a crime. This is an important issue, which is why I talked about it.